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We have been present on the market since 1997 (since 2004 under the name SIGNUM-Katarzyna Podlaszewska).  Written translations represent one of the main areas of our expertise.

We specialize in the Polish - English language pair. Our projects include economic, accounting, marketing, market research, public relations, medical, scientific and technical translations, but we are not limited to these fields.

We deliver projects concerning standard business documentation and business services – which include, inter alia, presentations, company documents, registration records, contracts, annual reports, audit reports, financial statements and other corporate documents and written materials essential for the operations of a business. We also deal with projects that can be described as “marketing communications" – promotional or advertising texts, brochures, leaflets, advertising copy, etc. Within this area, we offer you copywriting or localization services, to adapt your message to the local conditions, on top of standard translation services. In close cooperation with our customers (with regard to specialized terminology) we can also work on technical or medical projects.

We also offer language verification (proofreading) services for pre-translated text, performed by experienced proofreaders whose native language is either Polish or English, as applicable for the target language.
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