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Interpreting assignments

Interpreting jobs are different from translating jobs, as they require a specific set of skills.

An excellent translator is different from a good interpreter. The latter task requires a set of personal communication skills, not necessarily required from a translator who deals with written word.

That's why we should consider these two types of assignment as separate specialisations.

To put things simply: not everyone can work as an interpreter. The job of an interpreter requires an above-average resistance to stress and stage fright, fluency in speech, excellent elocution skills, the ability to understand and respond on the fly to spoken messages and the ability to handle various areas of the spoken language and to communicate with various audiences with ease.

There may be interpreting assignments which require extensive preparation, often  including specialist terminology or in-depth familiarity of the underlying presentation or speech, etc. This is especially true about conferences, lectures, training sessions, educational presentations or official addresses.

Assignments are generally accepted as work blocks of up to 4 hours (half a day)  or up to 8 hours

(a whole day). 4h block price: 600PLN+VAT
                     2h half-block price: 300PLN+VAT

Special price for wedding ceremonies in Gdańsk or Sopot: 250 PLN (inclusive of VAT)

If travel is required, the assignment must be dicussed on a n individual basis.

For details or quote, please contact

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