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Even if you have read your text many times, it always makes sense to ask someone else have a look at it and read it without prior knowledge of your finished work. By doing this, you will ensure that the message you send to your audience is communicative and without obvious discrepancies, and that it will be well-received by a fresh reader.
This applies to all your public communications, such as websites, presentations, annual reports, leaflets or ad copy.

When you consider the total cost of publishing your message, printing the report, or running the ad, you will find that the cost of an additional verification to double-check the quality of your communication is well worth its price.
That’s why we always advise our clients who wish to publish their message in any format, to sign up for our proofreading services, apart from the standard translation services, at marginal cost if purchased as a package.
There’s nothing better than an extra pair of eyes, scanning the text and making sure everything is as flawless as possible.
In this area we offer the services of skilled proofreaders, both native English and Polish language speakers.

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