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Standard rates and terms of service
Standard rates and terms of service

Standard translation rate PLN 40/page.
Standard rate applies to non-certified translations and is charged for each commenced target translation page (1800 characters incl. spaces).

(This corresponds to the rates of PLN 35.56 per 1600 chars. or PLN 33.33 per 1500 chars. Sworn translator’s service rates are explained under the Certified translations tab.)

The standard rate applies to texts where translation speed is set at not more than 8 standard pages per day and where source files received for translation are in a file format which allows the use of CAT tools. When determining the translation deadline, the day of order acceptance and the day of delivery are not included. For larger projects the translation speed may be increased.
For highly specialized translations (e.g. technical, medical, legal) there may be additional agreements, depending on the features of the source text.

Proofreading/editing rate 50% - 75% of the applicable translation rate, depending on the type and qualityof text submitted for proofreading/editing (for example, for non-specialised text of good input quality 50% of the standard rate, i.e. PLN 20/page).

Additional native verification of a file translated by ourselves into English (e.g. proofreading a text intended for publication): from PLN 20/page.

Native verification of a third-party text delivered for proofreading:from PLN 30/page.

Express translation rate  - may apply when estimated translation speed exceeds approx. 8 standard pages per day: PLN 50-80 per standard page, depending on the type of assignment, assignment volume and the deadline.

Express proofreading rate – PLN 30-50/page, depending on the type of translation job and the deadline.

Hidden text since source documents delivered for translation may include hidden text, for example embedded charts or drawings not included in the file statistics, any source document containing charts, drawings or tables will require a specific assessment of the scope of the job involved and the time required.

Standard delivery means electronic delivery in one of the standard MSOffice file formats – *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt. The target file format shall be the same as the source file format (Word/Excel/Power point - Windows 2003/2007 - standard rate).
The transcript of an image file (*.tif, *.jpg, etc.) or processing of a file format other than standard MSOffice formats may incur an additional charge.

Non-standard assignments – for express jobs, specialized texts, presentations, texts with complex layout/high graphics content, complex large-size projects, please ask for an estimate.

Interpreting assignments: please, contact us directly to obtain a quotation.

Discount policy – discounts are possible, specifically in the case of text processed using CAT tools, text with high repetition rates, using standard templates (e.g.for a series of documents where only part of the text needs translation/editing), plain tables where numbers do not require editing, etc. The discount will be each time estimated on the basis of the initial analysis.

The rates quoted are net of VAT (23% VAT will be added on the invoice).

These provisions apply to texts formatted in file formats which allow easy access to text and its formatting features, and allow the use of CAT tools ready to process Microsoft Office files. If any other specific task is involved, e.g. a transcript of a image file or final formatting of text submitted in a non-editable format, the job will be discussed individually with the customer.

For translations in the certified translation format - please see the information under the “Certified translations” tab and contact us for a quote regarding a specific document

NOTE: The aforementioned terms determine the general principles of service delivery and shall not be construed to represent a binding offer, as understood by the Civil Code.

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